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Add another tablespoon of water and another two scant tablespoons of flour and stir in. by The Zero-Waste Chef If you start a sourdough starter, you’ll want to find ways to use up the excess. Your email address will not be published. If it’s at the start of the process your starter will smell dreadful; like a gym bag or worse. Sourdough starter is half yeast, half water, by weight. (P.S. They may take a few feedings a few hours apart to revive – and in this case it might be necessary to discard some if your tub gets too full. You will know by the smell, which will move from sour but bearable to deeply unpleasant. This way, you always have a constant volume of starter – you never need to throw any away, and if you use it at least every couple of weeks, your sourdough starter will stay strong and not need too much reviving. For every amount of water you add to your starter, you will add just shy of twice that of flour in order to “feed” it (for example: ½ c water, and not quite 1 c flour). […] preparation time before you can produce your first loaf. Even if I’m making a double batch, you can take your starter down to a bare tablespoon and it’ll be perfectly content if you feed it a bit extra afterwards. This is the ‘baker’s percentage’). Heat oven to 350 degrees. Unless your sourdough starter is being used daily, it should live in the fridge. Split dough in half and shape into two rectangular pieces. Prep Time2 hrs Cook Time40 mins Total Time2 hrs 40 mins 450 g Baker's Flour 360 g Warm Water 10 g Salt 7 g Instant/Rapid Yeast 100 g Unfed sourdough starter discard. Now I’m experimenting with bread recipes to try to satisfy one of my children… a picky eater who lives for fresh bakery sourdough bread. The texture should be malleable but not runny. I’ll post a solid sourdough loaf recipe to go along with this shortly – if you sign up for the latest recipes in the sidebar or below you’ll be notified when this is published! Some of these may inhibit the natural yeasts and other organisms in your flour from being able to live. The starter will also develop … I’m glad it’s working well. I agree so much! METHOD Instead of throwing in the bin, save in a Tupperware in the fridge and add to it each day. Although flour is usually inexpensive and easy to come by. Jul 5, 2018 Bread Tip 71 - SOURDOUGH - The Scrapings Method - No waste, No discard; Jun 28, 2018 Bread Tip 70 - The FIRST Rule of Homemade Bread; Jun 21, 2018 Bread Tip 69 - What is "Stone Baked" Bread? Whip Up a Batch of Pizza. The little yeasties will start reproducing before you know it and you are good to go! This micro-starter approach is also good at a time where flour is somewhat scarce. I just feed my starter enough for what I’m doing at the moment plus enough to store back in the fridge. Don’t worry. Joined 25 Jun 2020 Local time 12:32 PM Messages 2,640 Location Split Croatia. ( Log Out /  In a non-reactive bowl (glass, stainless steel, plastic) put in one tablespoon of water and then stir in two scant tablespoons of flour. This is a great question and many sourdough bakers need help with this sourdough starter challenge when making their first starter from scratch. But the benefit realized justifies the cost to only the very few capable of discerning such subtle nuances. This has only happened to me once. Regards, Kevin. ¾ teaspoon bicarbonate of soda. 250g sourdough starter (every time you feed my starter, you pour about ¾ of it away. Most single loaf recipes I use call for around 100g of starter. Over a few days, it’ll mellow and become pleasant and bread-like, with a sour background note. After around 5 days of feeding, the starter will be strong enough to bake with. Serendipitously, One bread baking day, I forgot to save some of my starter for the next bake. Every sourdough starter should have a name. I had set the bowl of starter in the sink with hot soapy water! Keep in mind that you will use a small portion of it since you will be starting with smaller amounts of flour than they will recommend. Always weigh your tub when it’s empty, on day 1. Cover tightly with either plastic wrap or a lid that seals. Sourdough Waffles. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Sourdough Making Steps in order (WITH 3 VIDEOS!) If you make too much, don’t worry, just store all of the leftovers in the refrigerator again after you are done baking. AWAY. Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. I also found out later on that there is no need to purchase special cultures for making sourdough, though if you want a particular flavor to be imparted to your breads this is an option. Always. Many sourdough starter maintenance procedures have you keep it out on the counter and fuss with it every few days, throwing away half of it every time. Your starter may smell alcoholic or worse – but don’t panic. Always. Name your starter. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! This container should be able to hold 4 cups, be … This recipe calls for 1 cup (128 grams) of flour and 1/2 cup (114 grams) of water. Many internet sources claim you need to “feed” your starter on a weekly basis, again leading you to have too much and have to throw some out. Tell me your sourdough starter tips and tricks in the comments – I’m always keen to know how others are getting on with their levains and the amazing results they can produce from them! I make a sourdough 1-3 times a week, but … Another less known way to ensure you have zero waste sourdough discard is to make wholesome fresh pasta with it. Be sure to always keep your ratio of flour and water the same. If you find yourself with very little left, no problem, just add the same 1 part water and 2 parts flour to your bowl of starter bits and mix it all together. It's simple, tasty and ensures your sourdough starter creates no waste. Thank you so much, Dorie! A regular feeding schedule over 5 days is the most important thing to produce a good starter. Butter or oil for frying. 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