motherboard light comes on but nothing happens

could you,leo or anyone out there help. last night i was on line and all of a sudden it made a loud noise and screen went blank. It makes noise. You turn on your computer. I had the same problem a year or so ago. then somethings it comes on and function well without ceasing, then when you put it off, it won*t work at all again,, pls i need help. One beep is typical, and indicates things are well, at least to a point. 1 or 2 sockets are for the main unit, i.e. It work my motherboard is g31m es2l rev1.1 and my GPU is gt 730 v2 gddr5 1gb plz help me sir.. I had the same problem with my machine and “walah!” Now it’s running great.. thanks Mr Rogers for the one line solution.. and thanks Leo for this blog.. Maybe it’ll beep when something’s wrong — but that’s not something I’m eager to find out! A beep code will give you … If these wires aren't securely connected or aren't connected at all, this is probably the cause of your computer not turning on. This time connect only the power supply, CPU, and one (1) only stick of RAM. . 11. 2: It’s possible, I suppose, that a BIOS could choose not to beep if it thinks everything is working properly, but that seems to be rare, and could be misleading. it does the same thing. Laptops often don’t beep at all. That almost sounds like it isn’t plugged in. I finally hook everything up and plug it in and nothing happens except the motherboard green light coming on. If the borrowed equipment doesn’t work, that points back to the computer itself as the source of trouble. Run the created shortcut and it will create a n5110a11.hdr file rename the file, to N5110.hdr the monitor is OK cause i used it to my other computers . Try integrated graphics or add a graphics card if you are using integrated graphics. That Asus B250-A board only supports gen 6x and 7x cpu's. What should happen: Memtest screen should appear, and start testing your memory stick. .so i say if you aren’t sure just get a tech to help like LEO said. Comments that don't add value will be removed, including off-topic or content-free comments, or comments that look even a little bit like spam. If you found this article helpful, I'm sure you'll also love Confident Computing!,, Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License, I even tried a brand new hard drive, hoping that SOMEthing would come up at least, but nothing happened. I wonder if I should replace the battery like Mike did. Nothing. I already cleaned it and had reset the CMOS, but nothing works. (Can't believe it could be anything else)  I've double checked processor is seated correctly and made sure there's not too much thermal paste. The 5 volts is good, ie the LED on the mOBO. i always sat the computer on my lap and about an hour before it went down,i almost dropped it but it did jerk. A broken or disconnected monitor can make it appear as though the computer is broken. I installed a new battery…and this fixed “both” problems. Save the .exe and create a shortcut with the following parameter: ”, /writehdrfile” by right clicking the shortcut icon and going into the properties, menu. 8. Later, because of “time” display probems. Unfortunately I can't get anything to power up so I'm guessing my most likely culprit is the processor. My personal laptop works great but once in a while if I unplug something from a USB port by accident when moving the laptop, when I turn it on the screen will stay black as a safety precaution for about 10 minutes and the capslock button will stay lit blue, in this case all I have to do is wait 10 minutes and reboot and the computer will run normally again.

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