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. Then Stagnant Qi attacks Lung qi, so now not only are you sighing but it’s hard to catch your breath. It is thought to provide the energy needed for our bodies to function, support body temperature, maintain the structure and strength of our organs, and keep our metabolism constant. You’ll see why in a moment. Many medications that suppress symptoms often have the opposite effect. Overuse of the same acupuncture points can make them less effective. If there is also phlegm (see below) then you get sinus, ear and gland problems, with heat too! Learn to meditate first, then you can use it when you need to. If it was a question of self-control to avoid hysteria, or getting ‘high’. (Spirit here is not the Christian concept of Spirit. Accidents or surgery – they can lead to qi stagnation problems. Her work is regularly featured in media such as First For Women, Woman's World, and Natural Health. Foods That Move Qi Stagnation. Large Intestine 4 disperses Wind and Heat. Evid Based Complement Alternat Med. . In fact, this deficiency makes qi stagnation – particularly Liver qi stagnation – more likely. The needles are left in place on the body for 15 minutes to a half hour, during which time the practitioner may manipulate the needles in order to strengt… Frustration, tension, hindrance and STRESS – all examples! Many wrote books on this. To ease Qi stagnation, no more than half a glass of it. Of course I’d be very happy if you bought my book on Qi stagnation and Stress (!) Also, it sends energy downwards. However, I doubt you’ll get sudden cure, whatever you try. Stomach or intestines lose their elasticity or become inflamed, For example, if your Qi stagnation makes you. Symptoms move to the interior of your body and mind. Causes of disease, Energy, Nutrition And Food, Problems, Syndromes. According to traditional Chinese medicine, liver qi can stagnate (become blocked) as a result of stress or anxiety. Liver qi is said to be responsible to a large degree for the movement of qi through the body. So in your abdomen, you feel swelling or distension. Besides acupuncture that means advice, counselling or ‘re-education’. So if you think about what happens to you as Qi stagnates, you get one or more of the following symptoms: There are also some foods that seem to benefit the Liver and Gallbladder, easing their excesses and regulating how they work. BUT … when they get into your body something has to break them down, and it’s called your. The four gates are the right and left side acupuncture points Lv 3--Liver 3 (Taichong) and Large LI 4--Large Intestine 4 (Hegu). Phlegm of your sort can be difficult to treat, even with a solid theory behind it, because your body tissues were so badly damaged originally and then possibly also by the surgery: it makes it difficult for your body to navigate its way back to health over so many damaged bridges. Here ‘spirit’ means the ‘spirits’ of the individual, as in ‘high-spirited’, or ‘in low spirits’.). Here the damage is usually temporary. An inner insistence to stand up for principles and standards? Over-consumption of alcohol and other toxins, which are all heating in nature, also accumulates "heat in the Liver". . That can lead on to Heart Blood stagnation. Unless of course, you’ve taken action to minimise it, such as with appropriate treatment. ), If it changes form into heat, you feel hot, bothered, red-eyed, irritable, and it’s hard to sleep. Liver-Qi stagnation: add Xiang Fu (Cyperi rhizoma) and Chai Hu (Bupleuri radix) to spread the Liver-Qi. With a background of worries, say from caring for others, then you’d treat Earth. It could be physical, it could be emotional. For health, you must allow it to move and change. The Ancient Way to Deal with Burnout and Exhaustion. Too much of even the right oils and too much of the wrong oils cause. Among these are the abilities to: Of course they also affect the area around the point itself and the acupuncture channel on which they lie. Avoid man-made oils like margarine and those used in large quantities in baking. Could this be because you impose targets on yourself? Statistically, they tell me there’s always one. When you have Qi-Stagnation, others notice it before you. Disconcerting and embarrassing! This counteracts the, Unfortunately most such foods and alcohol have. Traditional Chinese medicine, or TCM, conceives of the human body as a set of inter-related systems that work together in harmony. 07773332553 or 01484 865886 Suppose qi stagnation came from pressure to perform to imposed targets. But to ‘fix’ the insomnia, you need to deal with the Qi Stagnation. ACUPUNCTURE (13) Sp1 - invigorates the Spleen and is useful for cases of stagnation Sp4 - moves Qi and Blood in the legs, especially when combined with St30 & St31 might lose his appetite or even feel nauseous. If you know anything about balancing yin and yang, you’ll realise that yang takes form as movement and heat: together these form pressure. Imagine standing with your arms stretched up above you. Some points affect particular parts of the body. My preference, if I’ve made a good diagnosis, is to utilise 5 Element practice as much as possible. It’s. Symptoms: tendency to depression, frequent sighing, flares of temper, sensation of something being stuck in the throat, pain in the ribs or abdomen, uterine cramping, tension in the body that seems stuck, IBS If you are interested in understanding how Traditional Chinese Medicine can improve your life sign up to my newsletter for the latest updates. Your question exposes the problem of making lists! www.acupuncture-points.org is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to products on Amazon.com. That leads to Blood Stagnation. Sometimes you can walk away from it, take the loss – the ‘hit’, but begin to ‘live’ again. They’re not interested in something you call Qi stagnation. It stops the body from being able to heal himself. Many possibilities! Or you may experience them as mild, passing irritations at the waywardness of life. That causes problems in the shoulders, upper back and head, and mental dis-equilibrium, Wind creates movement, restlessness, twitchiness, in both body and speech, And, in effect, to change or benefit metabolic processes, Bladder 11, 12, 41, 43, 58, 60, 62, 63, 64, 65. (When your condition is chronic, your body has given up trying to get better, and has entered a steady-state. Then comes swearing, shouting, gesticulating. Sign up for our Health Tip of the Day newsletter, and receive daily tips that will help you live your healthiest life. Well, it seems to come right after the second. The sweet taste helps to stabilise Earth and the sour taste benefits the Liver. You want to loosen clothing and release tight belts. You don’t want that! If you’ve read this far (well done! This is also where, Stagnant qi tries to escape as (what Chinese medicine calls) ‘. The relief, however, is … A popular treatment for the stress, anger, and frustration associated with Liver Qi Stagnation is known as the "four gates." Of course! Self-treating a health condition and avoiding or delaying standard care may have serious consequences. As the condition develops, you forget its original causes. It’s your choice and your opportunity! 5) People with Liver Qi Stagnation gravitate to drink caffeine. ): Fats that Heal, Fats that Kill by Udo Erasmus, Many prescribed medications upset your Liver. Almost like bubbles of stuff deep inside. People with excess qi might appear irritable, stressed, or tense. In fact that’s how I describe its action in my book, see sidebar, and below. Over thousands of years acupuncturists learned what acupuncture points do. ), , by the time a condition has become chronic, other, will also have appeared and will need treatment, For example, if you’re a woman, you may notice symptoms before your menses, when stagnant qi causes swelling and distension, and besides, it worsens your back pain. Along with many of the products mentioned in this DO NOT EAT list, they produce. So also do many self-prescribed medications, like, . mean meeting people you like, in person, walking and talking, eating and drinking. Lu, H. Chinese Natural Cures, New York: Black Dog and Leventhal Publishers, 1994. (That is why we use it for attack by external pathogenic factors, like a cold.) However, there is no evidence-based medical confirmation for the soothing liver-qi stagnation method for CRD treatment. Liver-blood deficiency : add Shu Di Huang ( Rehmanniae radix praeparata ) and Bai Shao Yao ( Paeoniae radix lactiflora ) to nourish the blood. If there is Heat, you use a point to clear Heat. Get your life moving again! And all the tension down there puts them off sex, a tragedy if they’re trying to conceive. The cinnamon one buys as a cooking herb is less powerful, but even so, one would usually combine it with other flavours in a dish. When your Qi doesn’t flow, you feel discomfort. It pushes out in other directions, between your fingers – assuming you don’t burst it! Your body gets other signs of its tension, like continuing or frequent headaches. And why? If the underlying cause was indeed ‘Fire’ this may also be an occasion to see a homoeopath who may be able to find a homoeopathic remedy that matches the damage originally done to you. Pathology . ), you should already be taking more exercise. Then I realised that the many forms of Qi Stagnation, (for example affecting the Lungs, the Heart, the Bladder, the Stomach, the Spleen etc) each needed a chapter to do them justice, And the unifying concept behind the whole idea, obvious to me but not to others, even to other acupuncturists, also needed explanation. My book “Yuck Phlegm” may help too. phlegm cannot go away and worse when finished eating! are excellent! Probably, all this phlegm is an attempt by your body to apply a kind of salve over the burnt tissues. Here ‘spirit’ means the ‘spirits’ of the individual, as in ‘high-spirited’, or ‘in low spirits’. This can result in digestive symptoms including abdominal distension (an uncomfortable sensation), as well as Blood Deficiency and other health issues. ENT doctors have failed and made it worse by removing my nose turbinates!!!!!!!!! This is where the normal movement or flow of Qi is impaired. The Role of Rumination and Stressful Life Events in the Relationship between the Qi Stagnation Constitution and Depression in Women: A Moderated Mediation Model, Kaptchuk TJ. So stuff that should descend and pass out through your digestion fails to descend – a kind of nausea or reflux of phlegm. You also get this from DAIRY foods, like cream, cheese, yogurt, milk, and ice-cream. Self-discipline helps. Read a wonderful book on fats, explaining lots you never knew (well, speaking for myself! Here’s why… Acupuncture channels run throughout the body. If you diagnose which acupuncture channel is generating the Heat, choose points on that channel to clear it, Suppose the patient was yin or blood deficient, doing things that weakened these sides of his health. Some people compress it all inwards: not good for emotional health. By combining points you may be able to do more than either could on its own. Everything in the universe derives from qi. Except it doesn’t always get you out of breath, and it can impose heavy lifting or one-sided strains. Or chewed gum. (Your Liver energy then overwhelms your Lungs’ and Stomach’s normal functions, so all this probably affects your appetite too. Qi Stagnation –A bit of sighing, feeling of frustration or being stuck and non-pitting edema. Stagnation exists on a continuum. As already explained on this page of Qi Stagnation, there are various ways of doing this. If social drugs make you feel all powerful, flowing, magnificent, they are temporarily sweeping aside the resistance your body’s qi stagnation has created – their primary effect (you DID read that link above didn’t you?!). (That means pain and offensive smells too! In Chinese philosophy, qi is the life force that flows through all things. Hello, nice article, especially thank you for the list of recommended foods, I would just like to know why there are foods in the list that support yang, such as qinoa or cinnamon, thank you for the explanation. If qi stagnation comes from a broken relationship, one might consider Fire and Metal. Because it relaxes us and weakens our resolve! I think we did …). But after a few days you’ll look forward to it. If you’re reading this, you have it. It’s an idea from which many acupuncturists have made a fortune! liver qi stagnation: phlegm and qi stagnant and blocked Clinical Manifestations Feeling of obstruction in throat as if a slice of roast meat were stuck there which cannot be coughed up nor swallowed down. Types of Stagnation. However, you’ve had this problem a long time and I think you may need some individual treatment, probably with Chinese herbal formulae, though acupuncture may also help. As most of us know, the second glass of alcohol always seems a good idea after the first, and then the third? If stagnant qi attacks Kidney qi, not only is there desire to urinate, but noises in the ear – tinnitus. Why do I prefer Tai Qi to Yoga for qi stagnation? So we have a drop more, which has the same initial effect, but with the problem of detoxification the next day. I also palpate the abdomen before and during treatment as this also gives me great feedback. As the symptoms become more severe, or last longer, there will be some damage. If the patient always wants more of the same, look deeper and explore a more diverse strategy. I learned the Root-Branch theory long ago as a massage therapist, long before I even began doing acupuncture. But a little alcohol does often temporarily help the symptoms of qi stagnation. like in a traffic jam, when cars overheat and owners get hot with impatience. You get tension headaches and sore neck muscles. Are you trying to achieve too many things at once? Not good for Qi stagnation, at least not the next day! In the meantime, Heat. Actually these stimulate the descending function of the. (You could add a little organic honey, if you insist.) i also need to buy your books on managing stress. So it becomes an active participation, making me react as treatment progresses. What would you feel as Qi stagnation pressure expands in your chest? stages, removing the source of stress immediately relieves Qi stagnation. But sometimes I have found an even more effective point, lying along the same, as the Command point for that area, but not where expected, During an acupuncture treatment, I take the patient’s pulse before and usually during treatment. In the end, you’ll still have to deal with the problem either by asserting your rights or walking away from it. Around 4pm you also feel very tired. Your email address will not be published. Qi and blood run through the channels.If you don’t address blockages in the channels, no amount of attention to the area of pain … 3. Sorry to hear about your phlegm. Incorporate qi and blood moving foods into your diet. But now, the situation develops and you either can’t change or you can’t avoid what’s making it worse. Stagnation simply means the stuck-ness of something—that something is not moving. Using the appropriate point may increase the effect of a treatment. If your energy is low or you find it exhausting, sex is not recommended. Sometimes that’s impossible because of people who depend on you. Better point combinations depend on how Qi stagnation is affecting the patient. is good. Blocking it, and the symptoms and diseases that arise from blocking it, are what this page is about. In short, to undo Qi stagnation, relax with other people. So that went into the Introduction and first seven chapters. (Spirit here is not the Christian concept of Spirit. If the problem was inability to relax? (Yes I know, not so easy during Lockdown!). Refined, Sweet and Junk food. All such foods are high in calories, salt, sugar or sweeteners. Your email address will not be published. mental relaxation exercises for both mental stress and chronic stress? Also excellent are Tai Qi and Yoga, the former being preferable: Qigong is splendid. Each of us develops not just some of the main symptoms of Qi stagnation, but our own particular variety of them. The patient doesn’t realise the cause is Qi stagnation. Qi Stagnation works rather like a roadblock, or a traffic jam. To recap! Wood stultifies Metal (Lung and Large intestine) – your respiration and calmness. Better not to start. Others purse their lips, or frown, or tense their jaw, or hunch their shoulders, or stare hard. Heat from Qi stagnation has the same characteristics and clinical manifestations as those of Full Heat but it differs in the treatment principle. So from being stagnant qi that tried to escape upward, it has now ‘attacked’ the centre, and your ‘spirit’. In general, the younger and/or the less healthy or resilient you are, the less well you’ll tolerate it. These could be either instead of or better than Liver 3 and Large Intestine 4, depending on the diagnosis. Wiry and rapid pulse is an indication of excessive fire and qi stagnation.7, 8, 9. A typical western diet increases the risk of numerous diseases and may also lead to qi stagnation. But still, it’s always in the background. but on this occasion I would instead suggest that you bought Andrew Sterman’s book “Welcoming Food’ volume 1 and look up the pages on phlegm (check its index). (Think what happens to a balloon as you try to compress it. Yes, there is a basic formula for qi stagnation! Even so, rather more than just this page that you’re looking at! When liver qi is stagnant, the blood becomes stagnant, creating a variety of issues, many of which may relate to the female reproductive system. If they make you fidgety, hyper, ‘wired’, they increase Yang. We don’t mean activity using electronics (computer, cell-phone, telephone …Skype, Facebook, email …)! [21,22] The meaningful procedure of TCM diagnosis and treatment is to identify the corresponding treatment principles according to individual symptoms. Don’t eat oils that are rancid or smell fishy. Qi is a manifestation of Yang energy. Until now, stagnant qi symptoms have been more transient. Well, of course, you need to change the situation that’s causing your problem, but that’s often easier said than done. Arno Kroner, DAOM, LAc, is a board-certified acupuncturist, herbalist, and integrative medicine doctor practicing in Santa Monica, California. It is also a, attacks the centre – and the mental sphere – the less you compress the centre, the better. This presentation consists of a 51 page PDF presentation available as a download.

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