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Someone suggested it to me just today however lol. :P. So that's what uggs are. However – there are two types of basic looks you can go for depending on your budget. There is NOTHING more annoying than someone who is trying very … ITS A STEREOTYPICAL TERM FOR FUCKS SAKE! Now, that you’ve successfully found the outfit, you’ll need to identify your signature basic style. 11. Gotcha. And haha your profile picture. For the last fucking time. Those descriptions of a hot white girl sounds really sexy. Virtual Piano. Restaurant Games for Girls. You mean business, not simply 6th-grade girl moodiness. Sorry you fail as a white girl, you're outta here. It's the same thing. Giggling, wearing pink everything, and acting like a pre-schooler is not going to work. Make it match. Win win xD. I only don't like the uggs part. Stream Tracks and Playlists from Basic White Girl on your desktop or mobile device. If she responds negatively, don’t force the matter. Everything but that kind of beanie! Example: in fall, stand in a pumpkin patch (#pumpkins), in winter, take a picture of your mug of hot chocolate (#babyitscoldoutside) and maybe a book (ha, ha basic girls don’t read), in summer, take a picture of your legs with the ocean behind it (#thisisthelife) and in spring, take picture of new open toe wedges (#welcomespring). Benetton BASIC GIRL - Langarmshirt - light pink/rosa für 13,55 € (29.11.2020) versandkostenfrei bei Zalando bestellen. Basic Girl is all about Lifestyle, Organisation and Mum life and everything in-between. A girl who thinks she's so different from the others, but conforms to all of the popular trends. Lol so comfortable. My Dolphin Show 7. Lmao I do all of these except drink pumpkin spice lattes (we don't have Starbucks down under) or have a fall themed Instagram. First, is the Forever 21 infinity. @Puppylove94 Didn't say anything about running, they aren't good for your bones. A basic bitch will remind you that life can always be good. I thought there would've been a Starbucks picture. Make sure you’re season appropriate. If you're ready to embrace your inner VSCO girl, you're gonna need a few essentials. 294 . A girl who’s a basic bitch knows how to find pleasure in the little things: a perfectly Instagramed latte, the crisp feel of a freshly laundered yoga pant hugging her ass, an inspirational Marilyn Monroe quote displayed on her Twitter feed. Lip gloss, foundation, eyeliner, mascara, and powder are a few basic makeup items that you might want to carry in your handbag to touch up throughout the day. There are some basic tips that that will help things go smoothly: Make sure she actually wants you to use your hands. You don't have to be white to be a basic white girl. <3 :) Hope You Enjoyed, BYE!! This pretty much covers it. By subscribing, you agree to the terms of our Privacy Statement. I love Pretty Little Liars XD, Lol. Learn about us. Be whatever you like, but make people aware of your mean potential. The Basic Bitch’s music of choice changes with the pop charts. Shower, wash or bathe every day. @amarahorrorstory I don't wear dead animals. I'm not so sure about legging making your butt look great... Looks like I'm basic and white Wearing an oversized sweater and leggings right now. Lol the only things I don't do are the last 2. Not saying it's right but it's how it is. God. How To Become a Cam Girl The Smart Way. Thats what makes you basic. They might have a non-traditional career, like police officer, pilot, or firefighter. This time of year, it's in everything. Con: She's basic. Basic girls may be typical, but they’re also ambitious, adorable, and don’t spend hours a day ruminating on what it means to be cool. The Basic Girl is all about celebrating how awesome it is to be basic. Proper footwear for sleet, snow, rain? First, make sure you have an iPhone that has any one of the following prints on them: geometric, plastic diamonds, infinity signs, and any quote from Audrey Hepburn, despite as to whether or not you can name a movie that isn’t Breakfast at Tiffany’s. I wanna be a basic white girl this fall too! @Puppylove94 I know, but that's not what they do. Ballet is extremely formal and strict, as the basic steps have remained unchanged for hundreds of years. Make sure that you buy black or brown ones though, because the basic girl loves to wear things that are as simple, and as coordinated as possible. Kids. Forum HTML Image Link. Yoga pants only make your butt look great if your butt looks great in my opinion lol, You ever see that pic when it says "han solo season" and its a bunch of girls in black leggings withs uggs and white thermals with vests on lol. Okay. Cleaning. Now we only need a take on "8 Ways To Be A Basic White Guy This Fall". They're most famous for their boots. Much of our lives – from where we work and how we holiday to who we can see and what we're permitted to do – has changed enormously. I'm not a basic white girl by the way :P And by basic white girl, I'm not trying to be mean or racist. "Basic has a lot of negative connotations in the US, so we try not to use it that frequently, ... so these are all things that are very indicative of the basic girl from New York." The basic girl uniform is something that everyone has seen. You don't have to be white to be a basic white girl. But even if you threw yours out, you’re in luck because they’re still sold in stores, still overpriced, and still totally uncomfortable! Yes, I have my Starbucks order memorized, and you better believe I'll introduce you to drinks you never knew even existed. I totally do all this stuff except I haven't had white nails yet. Girls would you rather choose love over security? Check out Playtex Sport! This is the pH scale: It looks to me that basic girls have a pH of over 7. Don't be a girly girl. Could be, but isn’t. If you're a girl, whatever attitude you have is girly, whether that's bubbly, sassy, hyper, or relaxed. Get ready to be surprised, delighted, or possibly disappointed (although we really hope you won't be! My college was pretty much nothing but B. W. G. s, and the lack of diversity grew old very quickly. Sign up for the Thought Catalog Weekly and get the best stories from the week to your inbox every Friday. Nice! Change your mannerisms. @NatashaJ @RainbowFanGirl OH MY GOD. Example: #SundayFunday drinking my #saltedcaramelmocha is much more refined than #whitechocmocha one day and #pumpkinspice the other. Your love for this item has only steadily increased since the fall of 2003 when you, and your seventh grade self, thought that they went with everything (remember pleated denim skirts, Von Dutch hats, and brown Ugg boots, anyone). Baby Hazel. Oh wait I completely missed that part. Basic Girl's Guide. Im not telling people to do this :P Its supposed to be a joke, 8 Ways To Be A Basic White Girl This Fall, Yoga pants (not for my ass, don't need those for that)✔, Basic white girls are hot. I feel like I'm one of the few girls that have never had a pumpkin spice latte, all of those girls would report me for even looking at them and give it all to chad easily. I have started by creating an Instagram account finding.ariane. The most important step in drawing the body is to first get the correct proportions. Back when I was exclusively a sugar baby and got interested in camming, I basically followed a lot of bad advice when I went about finally becoming a cam girl. I usually wear dark blue flannel and red, but I've seen some good green ones. I can't wait to get my basic white girl on this fall! I've been getting comments like this all day:P@Triss lmao any confusion on your end? Oh. That shizz ain’t basic. Fucking. You gotta walk around like you created those trends too. Masturbation is perfectly normal, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with beating it on a regular basis. The haters are missing out because being basic is, well, basically the best thing ever. We get haircuts too. :-/, I had a pumpkin spice frap and they didn't crush up the ice well enough. Leggings? I like ass, so I obviously also like clothes which show it off. Start Quiz. Take forethought of your nails to be a perfect girl. I will stare at that ass like a creeper! Upload Download Add to wardrobe Embed codes. I wish I could say, “I’m a white girl, so I’m allowed to throw these clichés around,” but I’m not. The basic girl loves infinity scarves, so this is the next item you must go in search for. If she responds negatively, don’t force the matter. Pumpkin Spice Latte's, oooh yeah baby, crank up that espresso! @NatashaJ haha you should get the real ones, they cost around $200 and up in Canada XD. Yeah lol I do. They’re bor Well XD I fuck up my last pairs but those weere knock offs and they suck. by Lara Parker. I have always wanted to create a travel blog but haven’t had to the time nor the courage to know where to begin. Listen to Basic White Girl | SoundCloud is an audio platform that lets you listen to what you love and share the sounds you create.. 2 Followers. Hey, the alt crowd already claimed flannel. Maybe the winter! Your attitude and personality make you special. It's not about to be Fall there is why:) Southern Hemisphere is getting Spring♡ Lucky you☆ I love Spring! Or just be yourself. When you decide to approach the girl you've picked, the setting needs to be conducive to success. Thanks. Call it stereotypical or a result of popular culture, a girly girl never leaves the house without dabbing some makeup on and adjusting her appearance with a cosmetic product. Well, that's all! (Probably won't be buying them again.). And that woman on the first picture looks extraordinary as well as her having a good looking big booty. Naw got over that after college. The basic girl doesn’t exist it she doesn’t post on Instagram. @Puppylove94 Working on becoming vegan. So far, you’re on the right track for being the most basic girl out there. That's bad wording. Show More. Simulation . Basic b*tches have been getting a bad rap lately, and you know what? It's just a term :) So here we go <3 !! So what if you're obsessed with pumpkin spice lattes, #manicuremonday, and Forever 21 — enjoying things that lots of other girls love doesn't make you lame. Piano Online. Uggs are a NECESSITY. A lot of companies that make lots of things do, it's hard to avoid but more people should just do their research. They all looked the same to me. But…make sure that you don’t actually use this to buy bras, lingerie or lace underwear. When building a closet, consider the following thoughts: Buy some nice pieces such as white catch up shirts, straight pants, a good sweater, and boots of varied colors. This will become your lifeline, and will be used routinely to document your basic lifestyle. How indicative is pumpkin spice though? It has basically become second nature for you to blurt out lines in response to any applicable statement. I think a basic white girl is something completely different over here. Get on that Pumpkin Spice Latte grind The shoes she is wearing are good but would look better in white or pink. I swear if i get one more comment talking about race, i will fucking strangle someone. Hence: "everybody's a little bit basic". It is completely different just chasing the hair off of a sheep lmao. This is the pH scale: It looks to me that basic girls have a pH of over 7. There you have it, all the steps you need in order to live your life as a basic. @amarahorrorstory they don't "skin" them though. Even for not-so-basic bitches. "basic white girl" if a stereotypical term!!! Look Basics are the majority and we’re not ashamed that we love holiday decorating, Pinterest, or Pumpkin Lattes. uggs are out thou lol this is not 2005. aka the My Parents Still Pay My Credit Card bill. ). The sole purpose of this card will be to buy the following objects: four pairs of leggings, preferably ones that have the leopard or gold metallic strip at the top, two long-sleeve pull over hoodies (please make sure these are solid with a small zipper in the front and a dog on them), at least one long-sleeve shirt for tailgating football games this season (make sure these compliment the leggings). 3. 2 Dress Well to Be a Perfect Girl. My. Here are the steps for becoming basic: First, you’ll want to open up a Victoria’s Secret charge card. Ik, by basic white girl I didn't mean a race... you can be black, Asian, whatever and still be a basic white girl. I even tried some pumpkin spice Oreos a week ago. All my sweaters are over sized though... even if I get them in small :( I'm just too tiny for them. Wash your hands before you get frisky to prevent infections. By "basic white girl" im not fucking talking about race!!! Also – if you happen to follow me on Instagram. Your feet get wet in them and they look whack after a while using them. This has been a very unique year for everybody. Put a deodorant (or blend deodorant-antiperspirant) under your armpits when you get up in the morning, and reapply as important. Not forgetting that Grande, Extra foam,Non-Fat, No Whip, Pumpkin Spice Latte forever in ones hand. You want shoes that’ll be completely unpractical: Uggs. To be fair, these are kind of a basic staple. Keep your fingernails trimmed and clean. Basic manual stimulation tips. First, is the Forever 21 infinity. Unique Holiday Gifts from Thought Catalog , 12 Frustrating Customers Every Cashier Deals With (As Told By A Former Victoria’s Secret Cashier), 8 Things I Wish Someone Had Told Me When I Was Diagnosed With Herpes, How Much Of A Basic Bitch You Are, Based On Your Zodiac Sign, You Should Date A Girl Who’s A Basic Bitch, Here’s What Type Of Basic Bitch You Are (Because TBH We’re All A Little Basic), 10 ‘Basic’ Things You Shouldn’t Feel Ashamed To Love, 9 Scientific Reasons Why You Should Embrace Your Inner Basic Girl. Now that you have your core outfit, you’ll want to move on to some accessories. Spring is amazing <3. Just a fun fact. They make different kinds of colder-weather shoes. "Basic bitch" or simply "basic", also known as "airhead", is a slang term in American popular culture used pejoratively to describe women who are perceived to prefer mainstream products, trends, and/or music. Basic white girls are very annoying and are irrational when it comes too important subjects. Sorry im just so fucking annoyed and tired. 24. Dress up in a way that make you look alluring and well-packaged without appearing too forward. It's important to maintain a wardrobe that not only fits you, but fits your style and your life. Im a fan of all this even the pumpkin squash looking soup dealy' posted under Instagram themes. Top Categories. If number 1 girl is a basic white girl then I LOVE basic white girls! Aryn, Serena and Hallie teach you how to be a basic Mormon girl.... LIKE OUR FACEBOOK PAGE, YO: They take their fur off which is how all of your clothing items are madeThey may not have the best support but I'm not using them to run, I'm using them to slip on when I'm cold. Yeah, I'll stick to my own looks. Created by: Mary About 5 years ago . Show Less. Ludo Classic. Your whole life is about to become centered around Starbucks, Spice Girls Pandora station, and pumpkin spice everything! Baby. I do so love a bitch wearing yoga pants. Like the basic b**ch stereotype, this term is largely (although not exclusively) used to describe white teenage girls. 0. That sounds comfotable tho. There are some basic tips that that will help things go smoothly: Make sure she actually wants you to use your hands. Girls, check yourselves before you leave the house. Guess I'm pretty basic . BuzzFeed Staff, by Christian Zamora. @NatashaJ I like them because they are comfy. I still catch myself saying this one (yes, I’m admitting to being a basic white girl), and I still hear girls saying it, like, literally 500 times a day. 25 Things All Basic White Girls Do During The Fall "My favorite color is October." Leggings for the bootay though, heeey. A girly girl collects accessories that can be worn or used with multiple outfits for various occasions. And it's cool! Wash your hands before you get frisky to prevent infections. So, assuming you opened up this article, I’m guessing that you’re interested in becoming basic. Not gonna lie, this is pretty much every girl on my college's campus. This one seems like it could be rendered obsolete since it is the staple of every basic white girl joke. @FallOutBoy2001 fine lol its yours thenWhat color? February 2020. On the off chance that regardless you battle with sweating, look for an additional quality or clinical-level deodorant. Sometimes, you have too many clothes that don't fit or are out of style. … It just means basic. The 7 basic rules of how to be a heartbreaker are the surprisingly well known pragmatic strategies that are crucial when snagging a decent guy. Tiles of the Unexpected. Wear leggings/yoga pants (because they make your butt look great) Wear a perfect messy bun <3 Drink a pumpkin spice latte. Im not talking about race!! So the only option being a basic white girl was to create a travel blog that will incorporate my love for the snow and my adventures down the south coast. I'm rocking the homeless look this fall. You will be taught how to hold your body correctly, including how to hold your hands and how to point your toes. I clicked on you like "what happened...". Find the perfect Pandora station. Carry a Girly Attitude. You can always live, always laugh, always love. Even if people think it's just a rumor, no item of clothing is cute enough for me to ignore the possibility that it could of harmed an animal in production. Social media posts about VSCO lifestyles indicate that there is a highly-specific aesthetic required to be a VSCO girl, but it’s not entirely clear who decides what that is and how it will change over time. Embrace your story. Maybe straighten my hair, put on a bit of makeup, throw something clean on, grab a poptart or fruit and go to the bus stop. Saved by Nov. 3. The basic bitch most likely grew up in the early-mid nineties and so she needs the following stations: Britney Spears, Spice Girls, Eminem, and Nora Jones, for those relaxing, #WineWednesdayWithTheBestie kind of nights. Upload Download Add to wardrobe 4px arm (Classic) Background basic girl ohpyross. Okie :) If you actually have a personality (unlike most girls these days) Then thats alright. Wherever you go to buy your scarf, you want to make sure it meets the following criteria: crosses (for your edgy looks), neutral (black, white, gray) to compliment the pink/maroon/green pullover from Victoria’s Secret, and plaid (for those perfectly staged pictures in the pumpkin patch, basic bitch IG picture). I will buy out the recipe for pumpkin spice from starbucks. Hey there's a thought! Ask her, or slowly approach the area. Bad girls prefer independent professions. Read this article to learn how to be hygienic. I've got and wear beanies but the poofy ball is just on top! If that makes me a perv, then the vast majority of guys are pervs. Every girl who went abroad to Florence qualifies. Me, on the day yoga pants go out of style... Oh god if you take away instagram from the equation I'm basically a basic white girl . = ]. But nobody wants to be a typical girl. 2. Some specialists recommend walking barefoot even. !1 HOW MANY FUCKING TIMES CAN I MAKE THAT CLEAR! . I have always wanted to create a travel blog but haven’t had to the time nor the courage to know where to begin. Chad Baker/Jason Reed/Ryan McVay/Photodisc/Getty Images. Snail Bob 6: Winter Story. Submit your writing to be published on Thought Catalog. advertisement . Would you rather fight 10 duck-sized horses, or 1 horse-sized duck? These photos will gain you the most likes, which you’ll need for your lavish basic existence. Time Management. Try wearing a new shirt or hat you really like, even if it doesn’t match current styles. Being mean will only work if you're mature about it. @peachblossomluck Woo! Always wears tight pants to … Never miss a thing with GirlsAskGuys notifications on your browser. So the only option being a basic white girl was to create a travel blog that will incorporate my love for the snow and my adventures down the south coast. I always thought they were boots. However – there are two types of basic looks you can go for depending on your budget. This is a video course for all of us basic gals that want to learn how to take and EDIT COOL PICS, CApTION LIKE A BOSS and understand the ins and outs of instagram analytics. XD Its okay. Show Less. I'm not basic is what I've come to learn. Laughs at literally anything, Gets Starbucks only to take pictures of the beverage, uses really stupid Quotes and calls herself ugly when she knows she isn't. So growing up As a girl can be a bit difficult!! , An Alternative Understanding to Light and Darkness, Why it's hard for me to put my trust into people, The Imperfections that are Perfect For You. Tic Tac Toe Paper. I have started by creating an Instagram account finding.ariane. This is a rookie mistake, and the basic bitch, is nothing, if not, dedicated to her lifestyle. Freshen up to be a perfect girl. Make sure to identify your signature drink because you want your hash tags and pictures to be uniform. It covers everything going from the basic structure of the body to a colored and shaded detailed drawing. The rest is great. some times a white girl has no butt so it cannot look nice if it is non existent , and it is a fact that if you have a small butt you actually dont even have 2 cheeks or a full butt crack, its actually just one cheek. The phone is crucial. Let us keep it! It isn't all pumpkin spice lattes anymore. Tic Tac Toe Basic.,,,,, So – because of this, you’ll need to identify the stereotypical basic girl’s photo interests: 1. IT'S SERIOUS BUSINESS. Now that you have your accessories, you’ll need to get a pair of shoes that you’ll pretty much wear every single day from here to March, despite any type of weather conditions. Show More. 18. I wish I could rock outfit number 1!! I signed up with a virtual webcam studio (big mistake) and then did just about everything wrong in my first few weeks as an active webcam model. The reason they're bad for you is because it causes stress on your bones, because the lack of support causes you to slide, so yeah, walking barefoot would be better. Basic white girls always have Starbucks any time of the year, ESPECIALLY WHEN THAT TIME IS PUMPKIN SPICE LATTE. We need more of them, but without the bitchy attitude many have xD. I look at girls like this and think of killing myself. The basic girl loves infinity scarves, so this is the next item you must go in search for. Cross your legs, resist the urge to spit and refrain from using curse words. Thanks for not taking me that seriously :P, hey its all jokes with me, I already saw how people were taking this out of context, I just wanted to keep it going lol, Sometimes you can see cellulite through the yoga pants. It's just a term :) So here we go <3 !! People who are 35+: Do you wish you were younger? Get up 2 hours early to shower, do my hair, pick an outfit, do my makeup, and sit down for a nice breakfast. @pooper89 Ahhhhhhh. At the end of this quiz, you will find out if you are an e-girl, a VSCO girl, a basic girl, or simply normal (whatever THAT is). Jul 4, 2019 - VLOG - ANNOUNCEMENT 2 - Shoutout/trying to be a basic girl - hayley's World The girl's just gotta KNOW! I signed up with a virtual webcam studio (big mistake) and then did just about everything wrong in my first few weeks as an active webcam model.

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