garden pruners for arthritic hands

More precisely, there is an inserted shock-absorbing rubber that helps reduces strain on your hand while cutting. Garden hand tools. If there is any dirty, give the pruner another scouring. Comparing my previous one purchased from Lowes, Genicc 8’s price was fair. 4.6 out of 5 stars 6,872 # 1 Best Seller in Hedge Clippers & Shears They automatically push itself open without having to do the work like a pair of scissors. Corona BP 3180D Forged Classic Bypass Pruner. Ergonomic designs are rotatable and have comfort grip handles. A couple of pruners is maybe the most reached tool in a gardener’s arsenal. No wonder that these pruning shears are designed for both long time gardeners and first time users. The first time I saw Gonicc 8 premium titanium hand pruner, I bought two pairs. The fiberglass handles are 32″ with 8″ long non-slip foam grips to make quick work of your pruning. If your pruner design is large and complicated to carry around, it’ll result in strains and pains in your hands and wrists. Another tool I’d recommend is the VIVIOSUN 6.5 Inch Gardening Hand Pruner. Thirdly, Exercise more often and do less work while taking regular rest. They’re as followed: You should concentrate more on the quality of materials than the styling. First and foremost, I’m going to skip all the boring long stories. Anvil pruners are great for old, dead growth. Spear & Jackson (2) McGregor (1) Customer Rating. The design condemns tree pulp adhesion, which causes rust on the blades. 1. That said, it retains hardness and strength. On top of that, the non-slip ergonomic rubber handles fit perfectly in your hand. In general, most pruners will comfortably cut through a plant of up to 3/4 inch in diameter. Inexpensive doesn’t always mean bad quality, And the mockings heavy duty garden pruner is a proof of that. Having one sharp blade which closes against a flat edge. They’re a bit like scissors for your garden. Also called clippers, hand pruners or pruning shears, these are a type of heavy scissors for use on plants – they can be used for trimming and shaping the plant, pruning dead or damaged foliate and small branches or to cut back perennials. £3.59. 1 or more. … Ladies Garden Glove (2 Pairs) & Ratchet Secateurs (Great for weaker hands) Set. Scour the pruner with natural cleaning powder that doesn’t scratch. If you have arthritic hands, you should care more about the quality of material than the styling. If you garden with one hand it makes sense to choose shrubs and trees that don’t need pruning or those that don’t need a lot of pruning. Ensure your thumb is outside. They have a curved handle that alleviates the strain on your hands and wrists. These are high grade professional pruners. Each tool’s handle is more than 31 inches long to help prevent excessive bending and reaching. Mockins is among the ideal pruners for arthritic hands I’ve used. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Whereas the carrying case does similar things as the locking mechanism, only it covers the blades when you store the pruner. For example, a steel pruner can resist rust and corrosion as well as put up with wear and tear over time. Click & Collect. Excitingly, these pruners are much easier on the wrist and arthritic hands. However, dry and dead plants are a big warning sign since they tend to leave small chunks of the branch between the blades and jamme it, causing damage to the blade of the pruner. Brands. The gardener’s friend pruner is a highly recommended product and fairly so. Power Drive Ratchet Anvil Hand Pruning Shears, 2. If you are using Anvil Hand Pruning Shears, you don’t have to do the work; the pruner does it for you. Most pruners are designed for right-handers, which can be frustrating if you’re left-handed or like to change hands periodically because of the pain of arthritis. Secateurs. I promise you can still enjoy pruning, regardless of your condition. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program. The purpose of a pruner is to make straight & clean cuts without causing pain and uncomfort to your hands. Free postage. Secondly, do a thumb’s up with your pinky on the table. Lastly, straighten all fingers again. Filter by close filter. I agree with the above post. Ensure the pruner isn’t too bulky to carry around. All in all, This is definitely one of the top three for best pruners out there, especially after looking at how low it costs compared to others in the market. McGregor Hard Wood Bypass Secateurs Pruner. Click & Collect. Gardening is good for your Arthritic hands and lets me explain why. Davaon Pro Anvil Secateurs - Less Effort - Strain Reducing Garden Pruner - Protects Fingers, Ergonom… This is a big advantage for those with arthritic hands that tend to have a hard time doing everything manually. Same as a pruner but requires two hands to use. Both Felco and Fiskar offer pruners with hand grips sized for smaller hands. The cutting tips are extremely narrow & sharp which is ideal for quick snapping when trimming small plants. Long-reach pruners are designed for hard to reach areas. Top Secateurs for Arthritic Hands Fiskars PowerGear X Pruner M Bypass PX92 Arthritis is no longer a problem when you have the Fiskars PowerGear Pruner for your gardening needs. The micro tip snips are spring-loaded. Click & Collect. Lastly, opt for handles that are semi-close together, so your hands won’t strain. There are plenty of in-between positions too. For those of us who suffer a lot doing little pruning, your frustration ends today! Even though we noticed a lot of bad press regarding the product’s durability, We didn’t experience such a problem when doing our research. Number one is for the small hands and quick jobs while eight is for larger hands and more serious jobs. Free postage. Price. Although the most significant obstacle that is keeping you away from pruning effectively is ACTION. Show All. The two common safety features you need are locking mechanism or carrying case. After much using and switching from product to product, I finally came across a couple of authentic pruners that are reliable.

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